Your new career is the gateway to the life you desire. All you need to do is make the right choices.


Do you want the invaluable tool of knowledge and safety in your studies?

Dear Prospective Student,   Investing in yourself and sharpening the skills that matter the most to you is serious business.   You are about to invest your hard earned resources!   We hate to see your time and money go to waste, that’s why we have put together the below free e-book.   Click on the download button below to learn what you should know and do before you put your signature on a university application form.


Your new career is the gateway to the life you desire. All you need to do is make the right choices.

But sometimes, the right choices are hard to discern when it comes to designing your education. Melzara Education Consultants are here to give you the invaluable tool of knowledge and safety in your studies:

  • Find the right courses.
  • Have your degree recognized and acknowledged by the international academic community.
  • Have your education, skillsets, and qualification recognized and accepted in any industry, within and beyond our borders.
  • Learn of the importance of accreditation.

At Melzara Education Consultants (MEC) we know well that the excitement and thirst for knowledge may make the issue of accreditation seem unimportant.

Unfortunately, it is of tremendous importance. So much so that your entire career, and how quickly it can take off the ground, hinges on whether your degrees are earned from an accredited university.

Melzara Education Consultants (MEC) will work with you to protect you for free! Don’t be like Tshepiso Themba, who embarked on an exciting post-graduate study journey with “an international university”, at an expensive price, only to realize afterwards that her degrees were not recognized by SAQA, and she was denied an evaluation certificate, because the university was not accredited in the country of origin. She lost money, time, and had her heart broken at all the efforts being in vain- because she hadn’t been aware of this vital detail. Set yourself up for success without any unpleasant surprises in your path.


MEC offers the following services at NO COST to the prospective students.

Course Selection

MEC will provide you with consultation as to the ideal program and course selection to make depending on the career you aspire to have. We then will help you submit a flawless, perfectly composed and compiled application, free of errors or inappropriate content.

Admission Guidance

MEC will consult, advise, and support you in determining the right institution for your chosen career path, as well as the proper approach to going through a successful admission process.

Scholarship Guidance

MEC is geared to getting you through education at the lowest possible cost for you. Scholarship programs can go a long way in granting you access to prestigious and expensive programs at a fraction of the cost, or even at no cost at all! MEC will ensure that you apply for and successfully acquire all financial assistance you are eligible for, including fee bursaries and application fee waivers.

More Services

MEC strives to be present and support you through your academic career even after you have successfully been admitted into your ideal accredited course! We offer the following services to help you achieve and maintain excellence throughout your studies in our partner universities but also any other you may choose to enroll in:

  • Thesis and Dissertation Supervision – we also provide template guides for each chapter.
  • Research Proposal Assistance – we will also give you a template guide for research proposal.
  • Post-Graduate Studies Tutorial Support - we provide face to face mentoring sessions.

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Why choose
Melzara Educational Consultant

Navigating the chaotic and often obscure market of international university education can be daunting. Furthermore, it holds traps that may not become apparent until it is too late- even after you have earned a degree that SAQA won’t recognize.

MEC guarantees that through our consultation, no South African citizen will fall in that trap. Through us, chosen programs are going to be evaluated and thus recognized by SAQA. Your efforts, time, and money will always be worth it and be the springboard for your career.

Partner Universities

Melzara Education Consultants have partnered up and seamlessly work with the following universities to ensure the program you enroll in is properly accredited. Thus, MEC protects and ensures peace of mind and value for money for you. MEC currently is a partner of the following universities, listed below with their assorted available programs.


Click a university logo to view programs


Since 2016, MEC has aided several students to navigate through the academic and professional landscape with ease and efficiency, so that they attain their goal without falling into traps or experiencing setbacks that could have been avoided. Here are some of their testimonials about their experiences with MEC

Service to Humanity

“Firstly, l want to thank God for strategically placing Melzara Education and team to assist the public realizing their academic dream. The team found placement for me at Gideon Robert University, the admission was seamless – no hustles. Gideon Robert University’s distance education program is flexible allowing me to give my business full attention while pursuing my dreams. I noticed Gideon Robert University is NOT pursuing money but service to humanity, we were offered massive discounts which cautioned me during lockdown and all its negative effects. None of this would have happened were it not for the professionalism and dedication of Mr Stanford Chabayanzara and his team at Melzara Education”.  –

Ms Concillia Matanda

Bluebird College

A Renowned University

Melzara Education hooked me up with a renowned university, MBA program is well structured, employing a pro-active learning philosophy. Adulation goes to the module structure exploring different business areas, fostering a state of open-mindedness and a deeper understanding of business world operations. The literature on entrepreneurship, branding and marketing principles imbues a new sense of discovery within. Emanating from a technical field of study and transitioning to the business field smoothly. Good quality, open channels exist between student and lecturer. This state of open communication inspired confidence leading to goal acquisition. My time with the University is terrific. To those considering taking on studies, I urge you on, comrades – contact Stanford Chabayanzara and Melzara Education team. However, be aware of the axiom “you get back what you put in as with anything in life”. –

Mr. Daryl Chirombo

MBA – Gideon Robert University

Indeed Grateful

I would like to express my gratitude to Melzara Education for assisting me with the process of getting a Scholarship to study with the University of East London (UK). With your referral, I was contacted by a UNICAF representative who walked me through the process of applying for the scholarship and in less than two weeks, I was accepted for an MBA with the University of East London in partnership with UNICAF and offered a 70 percent scholarship. I have since started on my MBA journey and I’m enjoying every moment of it and the exposure to other international students is really great. I would recommend Melzara Education run by Stanford Chabayanzara and Prof Lovemore Mbigi any day if you need a great scholarship opportunity. I appreciate their assistance during the application process and their extra assistance even now as I embark on my journey” –

Ms. Carreline Mnaba

 Marketing Director : Arosume Property Development

Great Experience

Thank you so much for the opportunity, great experience to be exposed to the world of academics. Your dedicated support and professionalism enabled me to wall out into bachelor’s degree in theology with Gideon Robert University. Thanks to Stanford, Professor Mbigi and team” –

Farai Zingapeta

 Newlife Church